DEMAIN's program

Involved in the activity of your project, we stand by your side day-to-day to support you in the execution of your idea.

In addition to benefiting from the experience of experts and the best practices of more mature start-ups, we offer you privileged access to tools, premises and partners, in order for you to have the best human, operational and financial resources to make your project a reality.

Above all, DEMAIN is a dynamic, curious and proactive state of mind to create value for our current and future consumers !


Financial support

In addition to remunerating you as a freelancer, we offer you a dedicated budget of €30K to pay for the costs associated to the development of your project.


Operational support

We offer you access to an entrepreneurial ecosystem, rich in skills and knowledge that have been consolidated for more than 10 years. The team members are here to help and advise you day-to-day. The team is made up of very complementary profiles in order to be able to solve all your problems (technical, marketing, financial...)


Strategic support

We offer individual coaching by our team of multidisciplinary experts, and you'll be assigned an internal mentor from Prisma Media as well as an external mentor who is an expert in your industry. You will be accompanied to ask yourself the right questions and move forward more quickly and efficiently.

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