The startup studio

PRISMA MEDIA's Startup Studio takes full advantage of the audience of the leading bi-media magazine and print-digital press group... which reaches 42 million French people every day, or 70% of the French reading population.

By joining our Startup Studio, you will benefit from the Group's media support while benefiting from the agility and expertise of our innovation unit.


Our method

  • Application
  • Ideation (3 months) : Market study, business plan, creation of the MVP
  • Acceleration (3-12 months) : Product launch on the market, P.O.C.

Our values

Mutual help, Sharing, Trust, Ambition and Commitment are key leitmotivs to achieve YOUR objectives.



Convinced that we achieve our goal better together, DEMAIN team is always available to intrapreneurs. DEMAIN also commits to finding for EVERY intrapreneur two mentors who are experts in the project's field of activity.

These made-to-measure mentoring give objectivity to the development of your project. So, up for it?

Who am I?